Hi everyone,

I’m Andrea, newest team member at Mint.

Today is Thursday, it’s quite miserable out it’s dull, cloudy and wet outside but despite that I’m actually feeling pretty good.

We are in the 5th day of November 2020 and in yet another ‘lockdown’. This time round it hasn’t been as stressful; not yet anyway. Fingers crossed!! My two kids are still attending school and crèche. So I have at least two full days still, to me, for me to get work done! I take advantage of these two days in particular to get work done. These days are allocated to work, provided training and any webinars that are available for learning and upskilling from (they can be any time during the week and are usually quick efficient and you can learn so much from them. It’s also a great way to interact with others virtually.

It keeps the mind focused and it’s a good start to each week, just as though I’m starting a normal week except I can have my feet up a coffee in hand; and a less stress morning free of traffic jams!! Those traffic school mornings . Although it is a part of normality that some people may refer to as normal they may actually miss it, I don’t know about missing that part of normality though!

New Ways

So like now prepping this, I am working a lot more from the laptop. It wouldn’t be a typical day for me as my job is usually focused more so on practical work, being hands on and interacting with clients and customers. I am going to embrace this part though and hopefully learn from it because I wouldn’t be well up on technology at all particularly computers haha. I try my best!

Looking forward to getting back to work in clinic

Being a therapist in this field of work it is a little scary thinking about the future and how covid has already affected us and so many other peeople to the extent where we are forced to come away from our jobs physically and work from a different setting. On the plus side though many salons/clinics including ourselves are providing virtual online skin consultations/ click and collect on products and access to alumier’s online portal where products can be purchased even online with our help. This is so good even just to keep that interaction between everyone and check in with each other.

Self-care in times like these

Nowadays, I do find in my free time that I am becoming more aware of how I am lately? Like checking in with myself; since listening to a few podcasts based on this, I came across someone referring to ‘what we should be doing’ in our free time or the time we end up giving to everyone else or someone else rather than giving ourselves our time. I think this is particularly harder for mothers to make more time for themselves, but I’ve learned this is the perfect opportunity to practice just that for me anyway. Personally like I said I’m trying to check in with myself more. Be kinder to myself, even if I just take a few mins to go and have a walk for myself during the day, nothing better to clear the head or have a shower and enjoy it rather than refer to it as I’m just getting a quick shower’. Just go and have the shower and throw on a face mask while you’re at it. Whatever #selfcare is for you, then do it for you. It may change day to day or week to week but do it so it makes you feel good without feeling guilty of it or not allowing time for it. This paragraph could go on but I think its individual to each person.

Speaking of face masks also, I do love a good overnight face mask. In particular dermalogica’s multivitamin power recovery mask. Super hydrating and super anti-ageing I swore by it in the lead up to my wedding. When I do get a chance to have a treatment though, hopefully soon at Mint; I will definitely be booking in for the Bio-Penta facial which is a deep cleansing combined facial performed manually and mechanically, I feel I need a good resurfacing! It’s finished off nicely with an LED light therapy too to boost the overall results and increase and stimulate the skin cells further. I was kindly gifted a voucher from the girls also at Mint for my birthday in October so I will look forward to getting booked in for that.

Something to look forward to. So that’s it for me for now; hope everyone #stayssafe#bekind#bekindertoyourself and have a good month.

Andrea x