During last couple of months our skin got exposed to completely new experience, unfortunately for many of us is not good experience. Looking after the skin of our clients in the salon I found a repetition of conditions: sensitive, dehydrated, blemished skin around mouth and chin area. After a few facials and skin consultations I started to wonder what it could be. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Checking lifestyle, diet, stress level, home-care routine, nothing seemed to be wrong. Then I found interesting article about MASKNE.
And suddenly, lightbulb moment! This must be it!!! 🧐I Started doing more research about it and I was amazed how many people suffer with very same problems. 🕵🏻‍♀️

So knowing the cause of potential problem I got into the action. ⚡️

A Blend of 2 words MASK and ACNE. It’s a skin condition which results with sensitive, irritated, blemished skin in the area where mask touches the face.

What triggers Maskne?

Constant friction and rubbing of the skin, if we add on sweating, oil and make up that are trapped under the mask, we will result with clogged pores and in the end BREAKOUTS.

What we can do about Maskne?

✔️ Mask and face coverings – clean it daily, change disposable mask between uses
✔️Skin has to be cleaned at least twice a day with ph balanced cleanser (avoid harsh ingredients such as mineral oils, artificial fragrances, colours)
✔️Mechanical exfoliators (usually containing granules) can irritate the skin more
✔️Avoid wearing make up!! (At least temporarily) wearing makeup under the mask is not a great idea, but if you really cannot break that habit, tinted moisturiser or even better tinted SPF is best!
✔️Avoid lipstick 💄, lip gloss or any lip products that can stick to the mask and cause further irritation!
✔️Try to avoid using oil based products while wearing a mask!
✔️To nourish the skin, oil based products can be use in the night to restore the skin and lipid barrier.
✔️Keep the skin constantly hydrated 💦 with a water based moisturiser!

I’ve made a list of some Dermalogica products to help all Dermalogica lovers 💙

Special Cleansing Gel for combination skin or Ultracalming cleanser for sensitised or very dry skin

Age Bright Clearing Serum for existing breakouts and/or Redness Relief Essence to reduce redness, hydrate and help to strength skin’s moisture barrier

Calm Water Gel to hydrate, soften, sooth and calm

I hope you going to find it helpful, myself and team Mint is always here to help. Iza