Hi I’m Louise and I’ve just returned from Maternity leave after having my second daughter Hannah.
I’m returning to work after nearly a year away due to Covid. It is a precious time with my children that I cherish but I do crave adult company and I miss my colleagues so much!

I want to take a minute to have a chat about postpartum hair loss! This is when a person suffers different degrees of hair loss after having a baby. It is extremely common and is usually starts around 3 months postpartum but can happen before or after that time.
I have been hugely affected by this, especially after Hannah. I have really thick hair naturally so I got quite anxious and conscious about my hair loss when it started happening. Little bald patches started to appear around on my scalp and especially around my temples, the shower and my comb were covered with hairs anytime I showered or brushed. I knew it was time to act rather than let it get worse!

I started to us a shampoo and serum especially for hair loss and in my opinion what I call a game changer; I started to take our Hush and Hush Deeply Rooted nutraceutical (vitamin capsules) especially for hair loss. It provides nutrition for my hair and skin cells, promoting scalp health and helps the hair to fill out!

I was like sign me up!!! I am the last to look after myself so this product that contains ALL the vitamins I need does the job for me! I’m still early days yet so I will continue to update everyone on my progress but so far, I am feeling confident and happy with my journey. Fingers and toes crossed that I will be back to work soon, meeting all my clients and friends who I’ve missed so much!!!