1) I miss work. I miss looking after and caring for my clients. I miss being hands on during a facial or a massage. I miss the thrill getting great results with Laser treatments. I miss socialising with my friends that I work with. I am a people person and I miss that interaction. I recently met a client and the first thing she said to me was she misses our chats. Just random light funny conversations we would have or maybe another day it might be deep and meaningful, either way we missed each other. I can’t wait for the day I will be back in the salon surrounded by all my co-workers and clients!

2) Equally as in my first point I have learnt to be GRATEFUL. Grateful that this forced time out has brought out so many beautiful qualities in people. We now have more time for each other, we take time to say hello or I know in my case, I’ve reached out to people I’ve lost contact with. I take the time to check in with people more. In the salon I am SO invested in people, their treatments, their results that personally now I feel I am connecting on another level.

3) SELF CARE. This phrase has been a popular one recently, and it’s only after nearly a year of lockdown I’ve embraced it. I’ve learnt to take time to listen. Listen to my body, listen to my skin, to just listen. Self-care can include many things for example, go for a walk, read a book, bake more, meditate, drink more water, eat better food. Take time to slow down and treat ourselves better.

For me, it was to take the advice I’ve been giving people for years. Give yourself just 15/20 mins every night and do something nice for your skin, I’ve recently like a lot of people suffered a little from Maskne (breakouts as a result of wearing a mask) so now I try being kind to my skin whether that be a hydrating face mask, an eye cream, exfoliate or to even just cleanse and put on a night cream or serum then that’s self-care. And since skincare is one of my passions, I feel I’ve achieved something.

4) I’ve learnt that I am enough. I am doing the best I can. And if I feel on one particular day, I haven’t done my best then I won’t dwell on that, I’ll reset and the next day I’ll try harder.

5) An active brain is a happy brain. This for me was a huge one. I am busy during the day, but where there’s a will there’s a way. What I have learnt is that learning makes me happy, up skilling makes me happy. Between webinars and Zoom meetings I am surrounded with new training and keeping myself up to date with all our new products and treatments with the hope I will be able to put into practice what I’ve learnt over the last few months! We offer online consultations to our Mint clients which makes me so excited for the future, a future we have had to adapt to, but as I said before where there’s a will there’s a way!!