When it comes to skincare, our knowledge banks are typically filled with information passed along to us from parents, siblings, and friends. We expand our proficiency with the help of magazines, books, and online tutorials. But at the end of the day, do we really know if we’re using the right products or following the best routines for our skin type? Especially with so many social media influencers ‘recommending’ products that they are paid to promote.

While it’s not as simple as determining bold colours like fuchsia or cherry red look better on people with pink or blue undertones, skin consultations are professional gateways to correcting common challenges keeping you from looking and feeling your best. For example, consistent use of topical Vitamin C is proven to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and protect skin from harmful ultraviolet rays when paired with broad-spectrum sunscreen. However, you should AVOID Vitamin C if you have acne-prone or extremely sensitive skin.

Because everyone’s dermis is unique, what works for your neighbour won’t necessarily work for you and just because something is a “best seller” doesn’t mean it’s the answer you’ve been looking for. A professional skincare consultation puts you on the right course by evaluating and modifying your product choices and eliminating items your skin doesn’t need. It’s the difference between okay skin and OMG skin.

Ready to transform your skincare? Here are five reasons to book a consultation.

  1. Receive direct insight from a trained professional who analyses your skin and considers medical conditions, medications, lifestyle, and environmental factors.
  2. Learn what products to lean into or avoid by sharing your product list, including cleansers, moisturisers, serums, and makeup.
  3. Embark on a custom skincare regimen tailored just for you with AM and PM routines that address nagging concerns while preventing future damage.
  4. Save time and money on trends not suited to your skin type or concerns.
  5. Achieve healthy skin faster by not going it alone but instead relying on the skills of a caring and friendly professional.

At Mint, we’re big fans of Dermalogica, a brand founded by a skin therapist committed to creating skincare solutions that work. One of those solutions is Face Mapping™, a consultation program that evaluates your skin type, primary concerns, and the products you use to create an age-appropriate plan rooted in facts, education, and decades of successful outcomes.

When your skin glows, your confidence does, too! Book a free consultation and let the transformation begin.

Keep glowing,

Team Mint