The result of centuries of spa knowledge. The most natural ingredients possible.

Mother Earth

Gaia has been developed through years of first-hand experience, research and dedication by Gaia Spa Director, Diane Nettleton. Creating a natural spa brand of both treatments and products has taken time and consideration. The name Gaia was chosen to reflect its connections with the earth; being grounded, feeling the earth beneath your feet and embracing all elements of nature. The Gaia experience is sensory. Each ingredient, treatment and technique has been considerately chosen for its physical benefit and its psychological impact. The intention being to uplift, ground and soothe, known as the Gaia Awakening, Balancing and Calming blends.

Gaia Rituals

Designed to be meaningful, connecting to history and tradition, with the aim that they are felt physically and that they are understood mentally. They are designed to bring a person to a state of wellness; more than the absence of illness, the state of being well is a sense of life, high energy levels, contentment, enjoyment, and fulfillment. Which gives mental clarity and physical strength. Wellness is about awareness and relationships, reaching into your heart, and being the very best you can be.

GAIA Body Treatments

Our collection of Gaia body treatments have been developed to relax your mind and body, keeping you in the present moment with a sense of tranquility. The power of touch combined with the use of essential oils blends has therapeutic benefits on a physical and emotional level.

GAIA Facials

What we put on our skin is just as important as what we put in our body; both of which effect our overall welbeing.

Facials can be a truly relaxing treatment or equally can be results-driven. Our therapists can advise which facial treatment will most suit your skin’s needs.

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Gaia Treatments & Products

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