Our Nordlys machine gives age-defying results!

Nordlys Medical Laser

If you could speed up the skin-regeneration process, get rid of pigmentation issues, soften wrinkles and fine lines, and improve your skin’s tone and texture, would you want to know more about it?

If yes, then we have some news for you!

Our brand new advanced IPL and Frax laser system, the Nordlys™ from Candela (who are distributors of the most advanced, effective, and safest laser devices in the world) has finally arrived and we are now reaching new heights and are beyond amazed at the results that we are achieving on our client’s skin with this device.

The Nordlys (pronounced Nord-liss) combines two of the most advanced laser technologies, IPL and Frax lasers, which are designed to treat a huge variety of skin concerns. With this safe and multi-functional laser, less treatments are required to achieve your goals! Start seeing real improvements in no time.

What Does Nordlys Treat?

  • Sun damage, sunspots, hyperpigmentation & freckles on the face, neck, chest & hands
  • Redness, rosacea, or thread veins, cherry angiomas on the face, neck, & chest
  • Vascular birthmarks
  • Wrinkles, lines & scars – using non-ablative skin resurfacing (which also improves skin texture and enlarged pores)
  • Pink or purple striae, commonly known as stretch marks
  • Acne scars
  • Surgical or trauma scars
  • Treatment of surgical or trauma scars

-Book a free consultation with our Nordlys specialists to find the best treatment for you

-Prices start from €30 to €280

-Course discounts are available

Nordlys LaserLuxe Facial

The ultimate rejuvenation experience! Our most advanced skincare treatment yet, the LaserLuxe Facial takes facial treatments to the next level

This non-invasive laser facial is suitable for all skin types and concerns. Using the highly acclaimed Nordlys laser to target and treat multiple areas of concern, the LaserLuxe evens skin tone by reducing unevenness caused by sun damage, redness or broken blood vessels and can even boost collagen production which all lead to long lasting results and a youthful, glowing complexion.

Delivered by our expert technicians, the LaserLuxe Facial will have you looking and feeling fabulous!

-Free Consultation – Required

-Price €175

-Four sessions recommended for best results

-Course discounts are available – save 10% when booking four sessions

Why Choose Us?

Browse the Nordlys treatments and book a free consulation online, or you can contact our fully qualified therapists at 056 771 2579

All of us at Mint are very excited to have the powerful Nordlys device. Besides providing a safer and faster treatment for all skin conditions, this powerful machine also shows real improvements in the texture and quality of the skin!

If you have any of the above skin care concerns or just want a fresh, more youthful complexion and you are looking for a safe and fast way to treat them, book a free consultation with our therapists now.

We are so excited to see your results!