Meet the Team

Louise Brennan

Spa Supervisor, Laser Therapist and Skin Expert

With over 14 years’ experience, Louise manages to balance a busy career with being mum to daughters, Sophie, Hannah and their dog, Ruby. She loves working with people, and constantly being challenged with training and upskilling in Laser and advance skincare.

Louise was promoted from Senior Therapist to Spa Supervisor in 2021, following her studies in Hospitality Management.

Staff Superpower: Louise manages to welcome every person that walks through the door like she’s known them forever! She makes her team laugh and smile every day but manages to balance it with the highest level of professionalism.

Fun Louise Fact: Louise is the most stylish of the gang, even though she spends most of her week in her Mint uniform, when she dresses up her clothes are always amazing!! She absolutely adores dressing her two little girls in the same stylish outfits and says she will continue to do so until they’re teenagers and hate her for it!

Iza Kol

Skin Expert & Holistic Therapist

Iza has been working in Mint since 2014, she loves the variety of treatments that we offer and her personal favourite treatment to do is anything involving massage therapy. Iza says “the best part of our job is that we can help people to not only look better but to feel better too”. Iza is a busy Mum of two beautiful boys, but she still makes time for her passions in life which include fitness, travelling and Physiotherapy.

Staff Superpower: The ultimate professional, you know Mint is in great hands when Iza is onsite. A wealth of knowledge and passion.

Fun Iza Fact: Iza loves karate and could give Michael Jordan a run for his money on the basketball court too!

Andrea O’Brien

Skin Expert and Laser Therapist

Andrea joined the Mint Team with over ten years’ experience as a therapist. Since starting in Mint Andrea has achieved so much through advanced training and upskilling which has been exciting and challenging. Andrea admits she wouldn’t have always been great to push herself out of her comfort zone but sometimes it’s important to do this in order to thrive. Andrea is a mum of two (a girl and a little boy) and loves having two different roles in her life.

Andrea says, “I enjoy carrying out laser treatments as they provide great results, almost instantly, but I do love a versatile day. I deliver a variety of treatments at Mint. It’s good to do this so no two days are the same”.

Staff Superpower: Andrea is an extremely caring person; she checks in on all of her team members regularly to make sure everyone is doing ok – this trait makes for an excellent friend and therapist.

Fun Andrea Fact: Andrea is the best dancer on the team, she puts the rest of us to shame when we go on nights out together!

Maria Minina

Skin Expert & Holistic Therapist

Maria has been in the industry for over 6 years. She has worked in both Spa and Salon environments in the past and since coming to Mint she feels that the Medi-spa environment is the perfect fit for her. Maria loves to do massage and all sorts of facial treatments and after completing training recently for our Gaia treatments, she discovered that she really enjoys rituals that include both.

She is a mother to two lovely boys and loves to treat her family with cakes and desserts as she also has a passion for baking in her spare time (her baking is do die for – trust us).

Staff Superpower: Maria has a great ability to stay calm in all situations. This calmness rubs off on the rest of the team when we most need it.

Fun Fact about Maria: Maria is the life and soul of any party and always brings the fun to our staff nights out!

Tara Holden

Skin Expert & Holistic Therapist

Tara has excelled through all her training since coming to work at Mint. She is super intelligent and aces everything she does. An expert in all things Dermalogica she will be sure to set your skin care routine right. She likes a variety of treatments in her working day but enjoys facial treatments the most.

Staff Superhero: Tara has an amazing memory. She knows where every single thing is located in Mint. This comes in handy at the end of every month when we do stock takes and also quite regularly when the rest of our team (mostly our manager) misplace our keys or our phones!

Fun Tara Fact: Tara absolutely ADORES animals and spends lots of her free time hanging out with her fluffy friends at home; her dog Misty and her cat Amber.

Katie Fitzpatrick

Skin Expert & Holistic Therapist

Katie has been part of our team for over a year now. She has been working in the industry for the past 14 years. She is highly skilled and has worked with countless product brands.

Katie loves all things beauty and also has an avid interest in skin treatments and holistic therapies. She is married with three kids which she says, “keep her on her toes”. She loves upskilling, learning new treatments and being challenged as it keeps her up to date with our everchanging industry. What she likes most about her job is “meeting new people and seeing clients going away with a smile on their faces”.

Katie’s Motto: Knowledge is power, education is key ….

Staff Superpower: Katie is the organiser; she makes sure that everyone in our team is set up and ready for action each day. She is the most prepared person you’ll ever meet, and we love her for it!

Beata Zeromska

Booking Co-Ordinator & Product Adviser

Beata has been with Pembroke Kilkenny for over 10 years. She was recognized as the perfect fit for the Mint Team because of her passion for Skincare, Health, and Wellness.

Beata studied vigorously for her Dermalogica Retail Advisors Certificate, AlumierMD Homecare Advisors Certificate and most recently has completed our Gaia brand training. She continues to learn everything there is about our expert brands. Beata processes most of your online orders and is the one who pops in all your lovely goodies before posting them.

Staff Superpower: Beata keeps us all on the right track with her admin and coordination skills. She’s that lovely welcoming voice on the phone and the person making sure your emails are answered. We’d be lost without her! ⠀

Fun Beata fact: She has a passion for motorbikes so you may see her zooming around Kilkenny from time to time.