Mint MideSpa Team - Vicky

Vicky St John

Salon Manager, Laser Therapist and Skin Expert

Vicky, is a total animal lover known as ‘Dr. Doolittle’ as a child. She is obsessed with her keeshonddoggy, Hendrix. With over 10 years’ experience, Vicky says that therapists can be underestimated by people who don’t know the industry. “This job can be very technical and we use a lot of science but I don’t think the extent of what we know is widely known. I love advanced skincare treatments and the amazing results and the change that can be achieved in my clients’ skin. The best thing is seeing how happy and confident they feel with their skin results.”

Staff Superpower: Vicky ties the team together like glue. She makes an amazing team feel like family. She is the perfect role model for her team.

Mint MideSpa Team - Sheila

Sheila McGrath

Laser and Skin Therapist

Sheila has worked in the beauty industry for 12 years, in both Ireland and Australia. She has been with Mint for over 6 years now, expertly performing laser hair removal and other treatments with our Candela Gentlemax Pro laser.
Sheila says, ‘I love working with the Mint Team. I love the challenge of helping our clients with serious skin issues and making them happy. We all understand each other so well – the good moods and the bad moods, ha! – but we get through it together. And we like our chocolate fixes a lot!

Staff Superpower: Sheila is the ultimate professional, we learn from her every day. Her manner and passion for her job creates a real trust in both her clients and her team.

Mint MideSpa Team - Louise

Louise Brennan

Spa Supervisor, Laser Therapist and Skin Expert

With over 16 years’ experience, Louise manages to balance a busy career with being mum to daughters, Sophie, Hannah and their dog, Ruby. She loves working with people, and constantly being challenged with training and upskilling in Laser and advance skincare.

Louise was promoted from Senior Therapist to Spa Supervisor in 2021, following her studies in Hospitality Management. Louise manages to welcome every person that walks through the door like she’s known them forever! She makes her team laugh and smile every day but manages to balance it with the highest level of professionalism.

Louise’s favourite treatment to deliver is laser due to the immediate visible results.

Mint MideSpa Team - Iza

Iza Kol

Skin and Advanced Massage Therapist

With 6 years experience as a therapist, Iza loves every aspect of her job. ‘The best is that we can help people to look and feel better and I love to improve every part of it’. Iza is a Mum of 2 fabulous boys, she loves fitness, travelling and Physiotherapy.

Staff Superpower: The ultimate professional, you know Mint is in great hands when Iza is onsite. A wealth of knowledge and passion.

Mint MideSpa Team - Hayley

Hayley Costello

Skin and Beauty Therapist

A graduate of Kilkenny School of Beauty, Hayley has developed from a Junior therapist to an amazing therapist. ‘I love how well our team get on, it’s such an easy environment to work in’, Hayley says. ‘I love to tease Sheila – she’s very easy to wind up!’

Outside of work, Hayley is passionate about sports. She plays Gaelic Football and Camogie, and has volunteered in Calcutta, India and Ecuador, South America.

Hayley recently completed her studies in personal training and she now practices as a personal trainer in Ballyraggett.

Favourite Treatment: Alumier Peels and Eyebrow Treatments.

Andrea O’Brien

Skin and Laser Therapist

Andrea joined the Mint Team with over ten years’ experience as a therapist. In the last year Andrea has already achieved so much through advanced training and upskilling which has been exciting and challenging. Andrea admits she wouldn’t have always been great to push herself out of her comfort zone but sometimes it’s important to do this in order to thrive.

Andrea loves working with our big team of girls in Mint, keeping each other going and smiling as well as meeting and greeting new and existing clients keeping us on our toes.

Andrea is a mum of 2 and loves having 2 different roles in her life.

Favourite Treatment:
Hmmm: I do really enjoy carring out laser treatments as they provide great results, almost instantly, but I do love a versatile day. I deliver a variety of treatments at Mint. It’s good to do this so no two days are exactly the same 😊

Beata Zeromska

Product Advisor and booking coordinator

Beata has been with Pembroke Kilkenny for over 10 years. She was recognized as the perfect fit for the Mint Team because of her passion for Skincare, Health and Wellness.

Beata studied vigorously for her Dermalogica Retail Advisors Certificate and achieved her award in October. She continues to learn everything there is about our expert brands. Beata has been processing your online orders during each lockdown and pops in all your lovely goodies. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Staff Superpower: Beata keeps us all on the right track with her admin and coordination skills. She’s that lovely welcoming voice on the phone and the person making sure your emails are answered. We’d be lost without her! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀