Hush & Hush Brighten +

Hush & Hush Brighten +


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Regulates the synthesis of melanin
Brightens dull-looking skin
Diminishes the appearance of age-related discoloration, age spots, sunspots, and redness
Decreases inflammation that can cause discoloration in the skin
Vegan, plant-based
Suitable for women and men
Clean Clinical Vitamins®

Will BRIGHTEN+ help with redness in my skin?
Yes, BRIGHTEN+ improves discoloration as well as redness. A potent blend of proven plant-based extracts helps to improve unwanted pigment and coloration in the skin.

Should I still use topical skin brighteners in conjunction with BRIGHTEN+?
We recommend that you continue to use topical skincare products with BRIGHTEN+

We do not advise taking supplements during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you are currently taking medication please consult with your GP prior to taking Hush & Hush.

3 in stock



Dark spots and discoloration can easily age your appearance. No matter what the discoloration looks like on the surface of your skin, it’s all caused by the same factor: overproduction of melanin, the dark pigment in our skin. Throw sun exposure, inflammation, and hormonal fluctuations into the mix, and you have the ultimate recipe for unwanted discoloration.

Take 2 capsules with food, preferably with your normal skincare routine


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