Hush & Hush Hydrate +

Hush & Hush Hydrate +


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Intensely hydrates the skin from within for a dewy, plump complexion
Retains moisture for fresh, youthful-looking skin
Helps smooth rough complexions by moisturising from the inside out
Increases skin hydration in just 4 weeks
Vegan and plant-based
Suitable for women and men
Clean Clinical Vitamins®

Take 2 capsules in A.M. with food and preferably with your normal skincare routine.

We do not advise taking supplements during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you are currently taking medication please consult with your GP prior to taking Hush & Hush.

Do I still need to use topical moisturizer with SkinCapsule HYDRATE+?
Yes. In order to keep your skin well hydrated, it’s important to implement a well-rounded skincare routine that consists of topical moisturisers in addition to our supplements

My skin is pretty dry. How long do I need to take HYDRATE+ to see a result?
As with almost all skin care products, it takes about 30 days (one full skin cell cycle) to notice visible results. Within the first 15 days of taking SkinCapsule HYDRATE+ your skin will begin to feel softer and more hydrated. Within four months, the skin will be super hydrated and plump.

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Well-hydrated skin starts from within. The natural aging process, inflammation, pollution, the weather, sun damage, and even your diet can all decrease the skin’s natural moisture content, causing it to become dry, dull, and even dehydrated. When the skin is optimally hydrated, the surface feels smooth and soft, and is more pliable, healthier, and youthful-looking.


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